Our Approach

At Puddleduck Day Nursery we believe that every child is unique and everyone should have the chance to grow, succeed and feel safe at nursery. That is why we strive to make our nursery feel like a second home to all our children, parents, and members of staff.

The first few years are vital to developing a solid foundation for future learning and success and with our love, care and support we believe that all of our children will become the ambitious thinkers, makers, and doers of tomorrow. We want to challenge our children to try new things, develop new skills and form important relationships.

WE ARE DIVERSE – We celebrate the differences in all of our children, having a wide variety of nationalities, religions and abilities. We educate our children on the beauty of diversity and inclusivity.

WE ARE PROUD – We pride ourselves in being advocates for all children and believe our special education needs and English as an additional language planning and support ensure that even those who require an extra helping hand get exactly what they need.

WE ARE FUN – The future is important and our children are the future. We plan according to our children’s learning needs and interests believing that learning should always be fun and interesting.